What Do We Provide

  • Understand Your Core Goal: To get exactly what you asked for

    We get an overview of your multiple requirements and expections on purchase quantity, prodcut quality , target price etc.. Members of our team, who works closedly with factories in China to manufacture, talk to factory employees to make sure they understand your product specifications and quality expectations.  
  • Source The Most Suitable Suppliers And Products In Most Efficience

    We source in our database of reliable suppliers and select the best option based on a mix of price, performance , quality and experience. 70% of products we export are not listed on Alibaba.com or other English sourcing platfrom. We will ensure all the products are rootly from a factory, the true manufacturer.
  • True And Reliable Informations Of The Suppliers

    We cut out middlemen/brokers and offer the realest information of factories straightly to you. We are 100% transparent. We actually find you the best suppliers then give you rock bottom factory direct pricing. We do not resell products to our clients at an inflated margin, like some other sourcing companies do.

How Does It Work?

  • Register

  • Submit your buying request

  • Ultron checks and confirms the sourcing order

  • Ultron provides sourcing solutions with detailed reports

  • Obtain the sourcing solutions


1.Why do I need a sourcing agent?

Although you could source from Alibaba or Made-in-China,the biggest B2B sourcing platforms in China,the reality is more than 80% of Chinese factories,trading companies even third level middlemen all have shops on Alibaba or Made-in-China.You never know who is real or false Chinese manufacturer.

This is the reason why you need an expert sourcing agent to help you select the right suppliers with high quality products in short time.

2.What makes Ultron Sourcing different to any other sourcing agent in China?

We focus on finding the BEST POSSIBLE manufacturers around the globe. This means that our teams in China, Thailand, Singapore etc. spend days researching  the best suited suppliers specifically for our clients (based off your unique requirements – price, MOQs, exclusive materials, quality, production leadtime).

We are 100% transparent. We actually find you the best suppliers then give you rock bottom factory direct pricing. We do not resell products to our clients at an inflated margin, like some other sourcing companies do. 

3.Your service is exactly what we need! How much will it cost ?

NO UPFRONT FEE is charged when you starting the sourcing service.

Once you probably get competitive product prices from our suppliers, you could choose to enjoy our Pro Packaging Service that we will handle everythings from manufacturing to delivery. And for this Pro Packaging service, we will charge 5% to 10% service fee on the value of your orders with the suppliers.

You could also choose to get in touch with the suppliers by yourself. You will get all the details of our suppliers by paying consulting fee. 

4.How do you choose/recommend the factory ?

We base our recommendations off a combination of factories:How suitable they are to your exact requirements(product,MOQ,price,quality,certifications).

We assess our overall experience in communicating with them(reponsiveness),displayed competence,export experience,factory scale,their other customers(if they share the names),production lead time,the state of their factory facilities,and our general feel throughout each of our interactions with them.

5.The products sourced are all from Chinese Factory ?

If your quantity is large and reach factories MOQ, yes, we will directly source from Chinese factories. 

While if your quantity is very small, we will buy it from big wholesalers with good price. At the same time, we will try all best to negotiate with factories to reduce 


6.Can we visit the factory that you find for us?

Absolutely!  We encourage you to come and experience the booming economy in China.

We can provide:

1. Translator and advisors.

2. Scheduling of meetings and factory visits.

3. Transportation between hotel and supplier.