What Do We Provide

  • Get Different Samples From Different Suppliers

    We can handle various samples, and help you coellect samples from different suppliers and delivery them in one time. With our on the ground team in China, we can manage the sample collection in the most efficient and professional manner.
  • Preliminary Inspection Of The Samples

    We review key points with supplier such as appearance, critical dimensions, critical areas and perfornmance. We inspect the sample, confirm process/material is the same as expected on the mass production, to iron out every problem at the ‘sample stage’ to ensure that problems are not mass produced.
  • The Most Competitive Price On Delivery Cost

    With decades of experience in international logistic, we has cooperated with many international logistic companies. We have special rate with FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS. (the rate is usually lower than using freight collect account No. of our clients) and we can deliver the samples at a more competitive price.

How Does It Work?

  • Submit your requirements

  • Ultron checks and confirms the service order.

  • Pay for the service charger

  • Ultron collects and send the samples

  • Get and check the samples


1.Will you check the samples for me ?

Sure. We will inspect and provide Inspection photos/ videos to you and you will decide on what to reject before the delivery.

2.Will you handle to deliver the samples to my company?

Of course we offer the delivery service if you need. with FedEx, DHL, TNT, EMS. 

The rate is usually lower than using freight collect account No. of our clients.

3.Your service is exactly what we need! How much will it cost ?

We charge $100 for 30 different samples.

The service is free if you simply need us to collect samples and no need to inpsect or take photos of the samples.

4.Could I send the reference samples to you?

Sure. You can send samples to our office, where we will seal them and send them to your factory or any potential suppliers.