What Do We Provide

  • Professional Verification Of The L/C

    To make sure the L/C draft that you provided is valid, our expert team will give it to banks that are qualified to verify the L/C to cooperate with us for verification. Also, our expert team will evaluate the risk of your export countries and your credibility.
  • Endorse Your L/C Letter As A 3rd Expert Party

    After an assessment of your L/C draft, and if the result is graded as "low risk", our team will back your L/C up and provide the Certification to your suppliers.
  • Release The Distrust Between You And Your Supplier When Using L/C Letter

    A lot of Chinese suppliers are unwilling to accept L/C terms as to payment, due to the operation of L/C seems over risky and they are still not familiar to L/C. Therefore, after the endorsement processes and even face-to-face communication with your suppliers, our team could help to release this distrust to suppliers and smooth the international trading between you and your suppliers.

How Does It Work?

  • Apply L/C service online

  • Ultron professional team get in contact with you within 24hrs

  • Pay for the L/C service

  • Move forward your purchasing order with Ultron's endorsement


1.What is L/C service ?

L/C service is our unique service which is designed for clients who want to do business with Chinese factory by L/C term. 

As a 3rd party experts, we could endorse your L/C and help you to negociate with your suppliers in China and get the best deal.

2.What need I do if my China supplier refuse to accept L/C as payment term ?

Book our L/C service and submit your draft L/C. Our expert service team will get in touch with you and verify your L/C. 

If your L/C draft is regarded as “low risk “ grade after our assessment, we will endorse it as 3rd party and help you to negociate with your Chinese suppliers.

3.I want to use L/C as the payment term, could you help to find the suitable supplier in China ?

Of course yes. Although many Chinese factories prefers to take low risk by using T/T, we could also find the factories which could accept L/C term in China.