Who Is Ultron?

We are a HongKong-owned B2B plateform providing a comprehensive and customized service to clients who wish to source goods from China.With the amount of our register capacity US$101Millions, we are one of the most solid foreign capital strength company in Foshan. 

 Expertise in Overseas Trading:  We are extremly professional service team who has years of China sourcing experiences of wide range of products.

 Expertise in Localized Sourcing: With a wealth of supplier resources in the local market of Southern China, we can offer expertise and customized solutions to meet your buying requirements.

 Various services to support your business: From sourcing, supplier verification to shipment, we provide various services to ensure your sourcing and trading in China to be successful.

Our Purpose

✪ To bring you the best manufacturer in China

Sourcing and importing products from China seems quite easy nowadays. But to find the right suppliers with good price & quality & lead time is still hard for small business importers or new importers.We are dedicated to help you find the most suited supplier in China.

 To provide all-in-one professional solutions

Start from sourcing, negotiation,factory audit, QC inspection to shipment, we focus to provide one-stop overseas trade service in order to make clients successful trading in China.

 Transparent sourcing ecosystem

It is our mission to provide a transparent sourcing ecosystem to overseas clients, No Hidden Upfront Fee or Hidden Margins. All we provided is rock bottom factory direct pricing.

Our PPE Sourcing Experience

Located in Foshan( Chinese mainland), Hongkong, Thailand, Singapore, our team have rich resources of PPE in Southeast Asia. We also have a warehouse in the LA, USA, which is directly providing OTG(on the ground) PPE in North America.

Back in February of 2020, when the outbreak of COVID-19 just started in China, our team has travelled to Southeast Asia to source qualified PPE (Disposable medical masks, Nitrile and Latex gloves, protective suits, etc.) to support our local government and local hospitals.  


Since COVID-19 spread quickly in Europe and the USA in March 2020, we noticed that PPE would be in great demand globally very soon, so we’ve applied for a legal export license for PPE. Under the grave situation of COVID-19, now we’re still making diligence to help global clients to source and shipping reliable PPE from China to Europe, the USA, and South America.

Meet Our Team

  • Andy

    Vice President

    Leader, a highly experienced entrepreneur

  • Jessen

    Vice President

    Leader, expert in all things marketing

  • Tiffany

    VP of Sales

    Glorious experience in business, sales,customer service

  • Ming

    Finance Manager

    Well know how to maximize profits for clients

  • Jeremy

    Account Manager

    Australian Chinese, wealthy experience in foreign trading

  • Jennifer

    Project Manager

    8 years+ working experience in overseas sourcing

  • Betty

    Project Coordinator

    Professional on Customs Clearance, Tax, Logistic etc..

  • Stan

    Quality Control

    Expertise in Quality control & Factory Audity